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2024/5/1 14:33:21

In foreign exchange trading, choosing the right trading conditions and ways to increase profits is crucial. RoboForex offers traders a variety of Forex cashback options, but there may be differences between the different options. In this article, we will compare RoboForex’s different forex cashback options to help you choose the one that is best for you and maximize your trading profits.

RoboForex Forex Cashback Plans Comparison

Fixed proportion cash back: This plan refers to returning cash to you at a fixed proportion based on your transaction volume and transaction types. For example, you may receive a fixed amount of rebate per trade.

Cashback based on trading volume: This scheme means that your cashback percentage will increase as your trading volume increases. The greater the transaction volume, the higher the cashback rate.

Cash Back on Commission Trading Accounts: In some commission trading accounts, you may receive a higher cash back percentage. This option is suitable for traders who trade more frequently.

How to choose the best option?

Depending on the trading strategy: If you are a high-frequency trader, you can choose the cash back plan based on trading volume to maximize your profits. If you prefer to hold your position for the long term, a fixed percentage cashback may be more suitable for you.

Consider transaction costs: The transaction costs of different options may be different, and the pros and cons of each option need to be carefully evaluated, taking into account the balance between transaction costs and cashback ratios.

Combination of multiple plans: You can also combine multiple plans and flexibly choose different plans according to your own trading strategies and needs to maximize your profits.

Advantages of RoboForex Forex Cashback

Increased earnings: No matter which option you choose, RoboForex Forex Cashback can bring you additional earnings and increase your trading profits.

Flexible choice: RoboForex offers a variety of different foreign exchange cashback programs, and you can choose the program that best suits you based on your needs and trading strategy.

Easy to use: Setting up RoboForex foreign exchange cashback is usually very simple and easy to use, just trade on the designated account to enjoy the cashback offer.


RoboForex offers a variety of different Forex cashback programs, and you can choose the one that best suits you based on your needs and trading strategy, and in this way increase your trading profits. Act now, choose the best option and start enjoying additional trading profits!

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